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Rapid Test Development
DCN’s rapid test development services range from short feasibility studies up to full scale development and manufacturing.


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Industrial Design & Engineering
The engineers at DCN can design user-friendly sample collection devices and custom cartridges for your rapid diagnostic test.


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DCN Education Labs
DCN can help you become a lateral flow expert during our custom, hands-on education and training course.


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Strategic & Technical Consulting
DCN offers consulting support at any stage of rapid test development.


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Manufacturing Transfer & Support
DCN simplifies the manufacturing transfer by customizing our approach to fit your needs.


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Implement our expertise in your own development program by making a selection from our catalog of products.


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Successful development of an IVD product requires experience and expertise. Lateral flow assays are no different. DCN showed us that they have both the experience and expertise to assist with the transition from ELISA to lateral flow.

James V. SniderPh.D., President, Critical Diagnostics, San Diego, CA

The experience, expertise, and expert network of DCN has allowed FABPulous to transform a novel technology concept into a simple, easy, and intuitive-to-use product, where truly “Form Follows Function.

Diederik EngbersenCEO, FABPulous, Maastricht, Netherlands

DCN was a tremendous resource for our assay development needs. [Their team leader] is one of the foremost experts in the field, and his knowledge and expertise contributed to the successful development of our patented flow-based detection system, Veriflow™.

Nicholas A. SicilianoCEO, Invisible Sentinel, Inc., MA, USA

Articles, News & Events

Holistic Detective Work: The Interconnectedness of Materials and Performance in Lateral Flow

Holistic Detective Work: The Interconnectedness of Materials and Performance in Lateral Flow

The proper performance of a lateral flow assay depends on the interconnected performance of a wide variety of materials, chemistries, biological reagents and processing steps.

NALF and Beyond: Lateral Flow Goes Molecular

NALF and Beyond: Lateral Flow Goes Molecular

Antibodies and other immunoreagents are so tied to lateral flow assays that we frequently use the terms LFA (lateral flow assay) and LFIA (lateral flow immunoassay) interchangeably. However, lateral flow assays may have no immunoreagents whatsoever onboard.

Make or Buy an Antibody?

Make or Buy an Antibody?

To develop an immunodiagnostics test, you need an antibody. Assuming you’ve done your homework to specify the characteristics of the antibody you need, a classic business decision must be made: do you make the antibody, or do you buy it?

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