DCN is different.

By working with us, you’ll experience a level of openness, commitment to service and technical capability that is unequaled in the industry.

It’s difficult to define what makes someone a great fit in DCN. With such a wide variety of personalities and interests, we won’t even try to boil it down to a concrete description.


However, there a couple of similarities that we all share.


We are crazy about service and we will do whatever it takes to make our clients successful! For our customers, our shareholders and fellow employees, we dedicate ourselves to going above and beyond.

The second thing we all share is a passion for our core values. They are, in essence, what make us DCN and what makes DCN different. Take a read. If they resonate with you, that’s a great start.

Finally, we’re a family. We believe in having a work environment that supports creativity, challenge, fun, and hard but smart work. We understand that sometimes life happens and we provide the flexibility in work conditions to support our team members when necessary.


We love what we do here.

This is not your average technology development or engineering firm. No one gets pigeonholed.

We all get to work with great colleagues and clients from all over the world, develop products using the best new rapid assay technologies, learn about new developments and new applications all the time, continue our educations, take part in workshops and conferences, get to educate others, help build a business that leads the market, and meet tons of smart and interesting people in the process.


You won’t be bored.