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DCN can help you become a lateral flow expert during our custom, hands-on education and training course.

DCN Education Labs are a great way to get a head start on your own development program.  These private courses are completely customized to fit your needs and application.  A group of DCN scientists create a lesson plan including theory and practical hands-on training in all key aspects of rapid assay development and manufacturing. You are also presented with the option to use your desired assay as a teaching tool.

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Typical Lecture Topics

How to Develop a Manufacturable Assay

  • Assay Formats: Lateral Flow, Flow-Through, EIA, Hybrid Fluidic Formats
  • Reagents and Buffer Optimization
  • Polymer and Surfactant Usage
  • Material Selection and Treatment
  • Conjugation Methods: Visual and Fluorescent, Passive and Covalent

Equipment Selection and Sourcing

  • Reader Options
  • Manufacturing Equipment

Design Criteria & Design Process

  • Manufacturing Reproducible Assays
  • Manufacturing Process Design and Quality Control
  • Patent Issues
  • Stability Study Design
  • Packing and Storage
  • Quantitative Formats
  • Sensitive Formats
  • Multiplexing Options

Practical Training Topics

  • Preparing Colloidal Gold
  • Dispensing Reagents Using Batch and In-Line Equipment
  • Pre-Treating Materials
  • Performing Conjugations (Visual, Fluorescent, Particle, Non-Particle, etc.)
  • Laminating and Cutting Materials
  • Evaluating and Optimizing the Assay

Take Home Materials

  • Handbooks containing all of the information presented over the duration of the course
  • Lists of materials and reagents and the contact information for suppliers
  • Protocols and buffer recipes

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone requiring information about lateral flow, flow through or next generation, rapid Point Of care assays. For example:

  • Companies new to the industry
  • Companies training new R&D or manufacturing staff
  • Development scientists, managers or manufacturing staff looking to improve their skills in development and manufacturing of LFIA’s
  • Sales and marketing staff, requiring training on the technology and markets

Scheduling and Booking Details

  • Scheduling: On request
  • Course duration: 3-5 days
  • Location: DCN Diagnostics, Carlsbad, California, USA
  • Participants: One company per course. Up to 4 representatives.

More Educational Opportunities

Annual Workshops

Rapid diagnostic test, lateral flow assay, lateral flow test, point-of-care diagnostic, advanced lateral flow course

DCN and QIAGEN Lake Constance co-host an annual meeting focused on the design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of rapid diagnostics tests.  During this 3 day seminar, some of the most experienced professionals in the industry will address the difficulties of producing the right product for the right market and explain that it’s not just about the test, it’s about the product.


Custom Seminars

Rapid diagnostic test development, lateral flow assay consulting, lateral flow test, point-of-care diagnostic development

DCN will travel to your site to give custom seminars to your staff as part of your on-going staff education efforts or to address specific development or manufacturing-related issues.

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