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Cellulose Nanobeads

Enhance lateral flow assay performance with NanoAct™ cellulose nanobeads.

NanoAct™ is a new, high-performance label for use in lateral flow immunoassays, developed by Asahi Kasei Corporation (Japan). Cellulose nanobeads are highly stable, deeply colored particles that have demonstrated improved performance over standard labels in lateral flow applications.

  • Comparable Stability
  • Increased Sensitivity
  • Improved Reproducibility
  • Brighter Colors
  • More Color Options

Click the links below to see case studies using CNB’s versus colloidal gold.

hCG Assay
Tnl Assay

Available Products

Gain exclusive access to cellulose nanobeads through DCN, the only OEM developer outside Japan using NanoAct™ products.

NanoAct™ cellulose nano beads are a new label for lateral flow immunoassays manufactured by Asahi Kasei Corporation and distributed by DCN Dx. The unique characteristics of these particles allow for increased sensitivity and faster detection time in typical lateral flow tests. They are available in a variety of bright colors including red, blue, green and black making them ideal for multiplexing. Contact us to learn how you can use these nano beads in your own assay.

Cat#TypeColorDiameter nmOD(1wt%) ABSConc. wt%
RE1BAAPassive AbsorptionRed3302251.0
RE2BAADark Red340240
BL2BAADark Navy365265
RE1BCACovalent COOH typeRed3352201.0

Each particle ships as 1% solids in water, and have a nominal diameter of 330nm. Volumes available for purchase are 5mL and 50mL (at 1% solids or 10mg/mL).

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Not sure where to start?  DCN can help.

DCN is Asahi Kasei’s preferred partner for the provision of OEM services to groups interested in lateral flow assay development with NanoAct™ products.  Our development team is highly experienced in lateral flow assay development with cellulose nanobeads.  DCN offers a range of services to assist you in conjugating, evaluating and optimizing your assay with cellulose nanobeads.

*NanoAct™ is a registered trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.