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Conjugates & General Reagents


Part NumberDescriptionQuantityPrice (US$)
GR-020Bovine Serum Albumin100 grams150.00
GR-060Protein A10 mg225.00
GR-070Streptavidin10 mg250.00
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Latex Conjugates

Dark blue or white Latex conjugates are standard.  The particle diameter is approximately 300 nm and the final solution is 1% nominal solids.
Part Number DescriptionQuantityPrice (US$) 
PACO-010Protein A Latex Conjugate5 mL575.00
PACO-020Streptavidin Latex Conjugate5 mL575.00
PACO-070Goat anti-human IgG Latex Conjugate5 mL575.00
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Colloidal Gold Conjugates

OD10 nominal concentration
Part Number DescriptionQuantityPrice (US$) 
PACG-070Protein A Colloidal Gold Conjugate10 mL595.00
PACG-060Streptavidin Colloidal Gold Conjugate10 mL595.00
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DCN’s Custom Conjugation Services


DCN provides custom conjugation services for a wide variety of applications including lateral flow, flow through or ELISA assays.  Our development team is experienced in producing high quality conjugates, including:

  • Particle Conjugates: Proteins, Peptides, Small Molecules
  • Direct Dye-Labelled Antibodies
  • Protein-Protein Conjugates
  • Protein-Hapten Conjugates

Why DCN?

  • Processes can be scaled and validated
  • Methods are completely controlled and characterized
  • Optimization is performed for each conjugate
  • QC process can be performed for each conjugate where reagents are available
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