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Conjugation Kits

Bring DCN’s expertise to your own lab.

DCN provides kits that allow developers to optimize their own conjugations to gold or to cellulose nanobeads. Each kit contains all of the reagents necessary for conjugation as well as the protocols recommended by DCN scientists.

  • Conjugation, Optimization & Testing Protocols
  • Particles to be Conjugated
  • Blocking Buffer
  • Storage Buffer
  • Blocked Conjugate Pads

Gold Conjugation Kit

This kit comes equipped with materials and protocols required for the optimization of most protein-colloidal gold conjugates.

Part Number: CKCG-010

Price: US$ 745.00

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Cellulose Nanobead Conjugation Kit

Contains the materials and protocols that may be used to optimize many protein conjugations to cellulose nanobeads (NanoAct™).

This kit also comes with up to two hours of included consulting time to assist you in the implementation of CNB’s in your system.

Part Number: CKNB-010

Price: US$ 995.00

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