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DCN colloidal gold in test tubes

Colloidal Gold, 40nm

DCN manufactures high quality 40nm gold colloids specifically for use in lateral flow and flow through applications.

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lateral flow test strips in cassettes with pink, blue and green cellulose nanobeads

Cellulose Nanobeads

Enhance your assay’s performance with NanoAct™ cellulose nanobeads.  These high performance, visual labels have shown increased sensitivity and reproducibility as compared to colloidal gold.

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Image of a lateral flow test cassette

Materials & Cassettes

DCN offers a variety of materials and cassettes to supplement your own lateral flow development program.

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lateral flow cassette in a reader

Lateral Flow Test Strip Readers

If your assay requires the integration of a digital reader, DCN  is your single point of contact for high quality reader systems and assay integration services.

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Image for the materials starter kit for lateral flow development

Materials Starter Kit

DCN’s Materials Starter Kit contains all of the components necessary to begin a lateral flow assay development program in your own lab.

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Image of reagents, test tubes and flasks

Conjugation Kits

Perform your own protein-particle conjugations using protocols and reagents recommended by the scientists at DCN.

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Picture of lab supplies and chemical structures

Conjugates & General Reagents

Save time and money by selecting from a list of DCN’s pre-made gold and latex conjugates and a select list of commonly used reagents.

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