Rapid Point-of-Care Diagnostics Development for Tropical Medicine Applications

Fast, multiplexed, easy-to-use tropical medicine diagnostics. Identify infectious tropical diseases before they become epidemics.

The Trusted Engineers of Tropical Medicine Diagnostics

DCN’s team of scientists and engineers designs diagnostic test devices for the specialized requirements of epidemic-prone tropical diseases for for robust and effective use in challenging field environments.

Assay development for:

  • Malaria
  • Zika
  • Chikungunya
  • Leishmaniasis
  • Schistosomiasis
  • Onchocerciasis
  • Lymphatic Filariasis
  • Chagas Disease
  • African Trypanosomiasis
  • Dengue
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases and more
Fast, multiplexed, easy-to-use tropical medicine diagnostics. Identify infectious tropical diseases before they become epidemics.

Cross-reactivity between similar viruses makes tests for these specific infectious diseases difficult to design. DCN has years of expertise in diagnostics tests for tropical diseases known for:

  • Speed: Traditional lab tests like PCR and ELISA can be unavailable in tropical regions or require samples to be shipped to lab facilities, resulting in delays in patient care. DCN’s diagnostic devices provide readouts with unparalleled speed right at the point-of-testing.
  • Ease of use: DCN-engineered tests can be used by staff with basic training and with limited access to lab equipment. They are simple to use and produce results that are easy to interpret in the field and in the lab.
  • Robust: Your test devices are engineered for use in hot, humid climates and in cluttered, unsterile areas with minimal facilities.
  • Affordability: DCN designs tests to be inexpensive to manufacture, passing the cost savings along to the consumer.

A Leader in Highly-Specific Diagnostic Development

DCN specializes in developing highly specific and sensitive diagnostics for epidemic-prone infectious disease testing in tropical medicine settings.

Our cross-functional team of scientists and engineers assists you in the development of your entire lateral flow assay from concept to commercialization. We ensure that the lateral flow test meets your required performance specifications and that the product satisfies the needs of the end user.

DCN’s integrated engineering team designs, develops, and integrates your entire rapid diagnostic device, including cassettes, sample handling devices, and reader systems.

DCN is a single resource that can manage and deliver your completely validated rapid diagnostic tests.

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We Do It Right

DCN operates under ISO 9001:2015 and EN 13485:2016. All of our development programs are conducted under Design Control, and all production activities for reagents, components, assays and electronics are performed under our EN 13485 system.